Commercial Controls Group

Commercial Controls Group, Inc. is a Mingledorff subsidiary that works to reduce commercial energy consumption through proper management and monitoring. The Commercial Controls Group (CCG) falls under the Energy Management and Building Automation sector of the Commercial Building and Construction Industry. CCG builds electrical systems for commercial and industrial properties that adjust and gather information about the consumption of natural resources, including potable water, electricity, natural gas and chilled/hot water systems. These monitoring systems enable building owners to regulate energy use and reduce operating costs.

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Holden & Associates

Holden and Associates Inc. is a Mingledorff subsidiary that supplies premium indoor environmental, ventilation and distribution equipment to HVAC contractors. Holden is committed to promoting clean, healthy indoor environments while conserving energy and water. Holden helps commercial engineers and contractors realize their green initiatives by providing energy efficient products and environmentally conscious building design, construction and operation.

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Contractor Financial Services

Contractor Financial Services, (CFS), is a business consulting firm specifically for HVAC contractors. CFS staffs certified public accounts, a certified valuation analyst and certified fraud examiner to provide financial services specific to the HVAC industry, including:

  • Accounting service, payroll and financial statements
  • Federal and State Income Tax Returns (Business & Individual)
  • Business consulting and planning
  • Comprehensive tax services
  • Trend analysis
  • Comparative HVAC industry ratios
  • Business, revenue and efficiency analysis
  • Growth forecasting
  • Incorporation services, and company handbooks and manuals
  • Much more

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