Commercial Controls Group, Inc. operates in the Energy Management and Building Automation sector of the Commercial Building and Construction Industry. The Commercial Controls Group builds electrical and electronic systems to manage and monitor energy and/or natural resource consumption within a commercial or industrial property. These resources can be in the form of potable water, electricity, natural gas, and thermal transfer fluids such as chilled water for cooling or hot water for heating.

Through proper measurement and adjustment, much of today’s commercial building energy consumption can be reduced. Commercial Controls Group is able to provide the tools to perform the measurement, training and engineering services that will guide the commercial building owner in the management of the building’s energy and resource consumption.

We are a Carrier i-Vu and Siemens Talon Dealer. In addition, we are Tridium certified on the Niagara AX platform. Using a different model than that of the rest of the industry, we are able to train and empower our mechanical contracting customers to compete in the marketplace using the Carrier i-Vu platform.

In addition to CCG, Inc., Mechanical Contractors will have local contacts and relationships with commercial building owners. From a commercial building owner’s perspective, as a collective service provider the Mechanical Contractor and CCG, Inc. team can provide options with top-notch results.