Mingledorff’s is now offering UniFi financing for all commercial application jobs. Commercial equipment can be a huge financial commitment for businesses and using UniFi as a financing option can help ease the burden by breaking down the cost into monthly payments.

Why Introduce Financing?

  • Demonstrate the value of your system with a monthly payment.
  • Focus on sales of new systems versus repairing old systems to increase sales.
  • Customers who are educated on cash flow have a powerful tool to justify their purchase with a monthly payment.
  • Statistics show that many customers will eliminate contractors’ offerings if financing is not included.
  • Ensure you will have a competitive advantage on future transactions through financing with UniFi Equipment Finance.
  • Worse yet, what if you don’t offer a finance option and your competition does?

Introduce UniFi Equipment Finance Early in the Sales Process!

  • Statistics show that 40% or more of your customers have no idea how they will pay for new HVAC projects. This program offers a solution to that problem.
  • Let the customer decide if they want to finance and buy the new system.
  • Closing rates increase because monthly payments are one of the keys to making more sales.
  • Educate on the savings every month versus cost to protect your margins.
  • Move a transaction to close quicker.

What You Can Expect from UniFi?

  • Relationship Manager dedicated to your business with 25 years of HVAC knowledge.
  • Rapid turn-around on credit review.
  • Prompt communication the way you like – phone, fax, email.
  • Hassle-free processing.
  • PO issued on all transactions.
  • Funding SAME DAY of complete, faxed document package.

Build sales with HVAC financing powered by UniFi Equipment Finance.  We handle transactions from $5,000 and up. To get started go to www.unifiedge.com/hvac, or contact Jim Dutton at 734-794-4262 or jdutton@teamunifi.com.